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Love Over H8 Joins The Movement

Dear Friends,


In the wake of travel ban, I found myself searching for ideas to counter the hate and divisiveness of our current social and political climate. While I’ve become fervently more interested in the domestic and foreign affairs over the past year, I don’t consider myself to be a political animal. But I said to myself, “You have to do SOMETHING!”

So, I went online to find apparel that shares my values on relevant issues. Much to my chagrin, most of the clothing I saw was dowdy and unattractive. I saw a need and went for it!

I’m thrilled to introduce my new athleisure line, Love Over H8 Apparel. LOH8 is an on-line, socially responsible retail clothing company whose mission it is to encourage all humans to have an attitude of tolerance and acceptance. I believe ‘wearing your truth’ creates such a culture. My designs are conversation starters and statement makers.

In doing my part, 15% of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations who fight hate crimes, racism, bigotry, sexism, extremism and the like.

Will you join the movement with me? It’s easy. #WearYourTruth and spread Love Over H8! Sign up for our newsletter and receive 10% off with your first order. As a member of our tribe, you’ll be the first to know about all our snazzy new merch, big events and special offers.

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                                                                                    We are stronger TOGETHER,

Cheryl Najafi

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