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Cheryl Najafi

Posted on May 08 2018


The evolution of our thoughts and opinions is critical to achieving unity, especially when we find ourselves in situations where opposing values and belief systems exist. In his book, Spirit is Matter Becoming Spirit, Paolo Soleri writes:

“Racism, bigotry, greed, hypocrisy, intolerance and fear are working against equity…When we demise one of them, we demise all of them and us all, as we are of them all.”

We wake up each day as a new person, evolved from the events we experience the day before. As evolutionary beings, we adapt, re-evaluate our circumstances and grow from our day-to-day. Change is the only constant, and those unwilling to refocus, become blinded by ignorance and fear. The good news is, freedom is on the other side of fear, if only we have to courage to seek it.

With LoveOverH8,

Cheryl Najafi


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