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Intentional Living

Cheryl Najafi

Posted on May 15 2018

Intentional Living

One of my SHE-roes, Brene Brown says, “Crazy-busy is a great armor, it’s a great way for numbing,” yet seemingly, busy has become the standard response to ‘how are you doing?’. I’m here to reiterate that sentiment: busy isn’t a status symbol or a reflection of how important you are. Rather, busy is a cop out for intentional living.

I have a bone to pick with expedience in the same vein. I don’t always want a job done quickly, I crave a job well done!

I’ve decided to declare a truce on busy & expedience and ask that this week, we all take pause, have a good think, and to become more present with the concept of how & why.

When we live with intention, we’re able to navigate reality with more clarity, make better decisions, and achieve a pathway to true success.

Here’s to that, Universe!

With LoveOverH8,

Cheryl Najafi


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