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Crossing the Divide

Cheryl Najafi

Posted on March 27 2018

Crossing the Divide

 A few of you have reached out in response to my opinions on gun control, suggesting a recipe website is no forum for this kind of opinion. I completely understand the frustration. Our political divide has seemed to infiltrate all sectors of life. It seems we can’t escape the duality of ALMOST EVERYTHING of importance anymore. I feel the same way. But am also of the belief that we need discourse, debate and conversations around our most volatile subjects. Regardless of our beliefs, we need to use ANY platform we have to share our voices. If we ask no questions or keep quiet about our views, how will we ever get past this divide? We need to hear the opinions of our neighbors. From where we sit is often a precursor of where we stand on issues. 

Indeed, I lean more liberal in my views on most social issues; however, I honor (and crave) a discussion on both sides. While we as Americans will never agree on everything, I do believe we must come together and have conversations again.

Our world is so polarized. And this is the reason I’m fighting for us to have those discussions, teach each other and try to understand—to galvanize, unite and become a voice of reckoning...TOGETHER!

I’ve been charged with not “caring” about what the other side thinks or believes—a bleeding heart. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I DO CARE! Passionately. That’s why at 50 years old, I have started Love Over H8, spending every resource, every cell in my body and every ounce of energy to ensure all Americans come together and find common ground despite our differences. We need each other. The country needs to heal. We need to champion one another, not attack each other’s differences.

I was born and reared in Missouri, from an ardently conservative family. I honor their opinions that don’t necessarily align with mine as I honor all opinions along the spectrum.

The time has never been more ripe for us to learn from each other. Respect one another. Lift each other up. And love each other again. Discussion and dialog is healthy. Debate offers us a chance to learn and evolve our opinions toward each other.

I truly appreciate your voice and all who have reached out in frustration. With every note, I learn something new. I understand a little better. I understand more. Let’s keep the debate alive and thriving!

Fighting for LoveOverH8,

Cheryl Najafi


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