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This Week in Review - 3-20-18

by Cheryl Najafi |

Over the weekend Love Over H8 had an amazing debut at the Heart Arts Production’s LA Fashion Week in concert with AIDS Healthcare Foundation. We took to the runway with AIDS activist and former Project Runway Allstars winner, Mondo Guerra. There couldn’t have been a better place for our debutant production. Our models were some of the most talented in the industry and the response from the crowd when they walked onto the runway with their picket signs emblazoned with our messages: TRUTH, WOKE, FIERCE, LOVE IS LOVE, DREAMER and LOVE OVER H8 was priceless. 

It was nice to finally take a breath after the event was over, I do have to say. I’ve never done anything so nerve-wracking in all my life. I’m a public speaker by training/schooling; however, when I speak, I’m in control. With this event, I was at the mercy of the 1000 pieces of this puzzle that shuffled 40 models in and out of garments, hair designs, make-up looks and shoes from look to look. The intensity was palpable. The mood was frenetic. I guess next time, I’ll know more of what to expect backstage. But for now, I’m drinking mojitos on the beach and taking in big deep breaths of fresh, salty air.  Hasta Luego, mi amigos!

Fighting for LoveOverH8,

Cheryl Najafi

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