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The Phoenix Women's March

Cheryl Najafi

Posted on January 23 2018

The Phoenix Women's March

My eldest daughter and I participated in the Phoenix Women’s March this past weekend. It was like a generational passing of the torch seeing grandmothers with their granddaughters and mothers with their daughters, husbands, sons, uncles, aunts and friends; all with the purpose of showing a united front for women’s rights.

The scene was affecting and peace-loving.

As I studied the faces in the crowed, I had a yearning to hear their stories.

"Why are they here?”, I wondered. What experiences led them to this moment? What hopes do they hold for the future?

For me, attending the march was about partaking in an experience with those who share my same values; people who are not willing to give up on the fight for equality. This photo captured the quintessence perfectly:

“Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It’s not pie.”

I am so proud of who we are when we come together, peacefully as a collective. The optimal word being ‘together’, I believe we can move the mountain of inequality.

Fighting for LoveOverH8,

Cheryl Najafi


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