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Elevate the Norm

Cheryl Najafi

Posted on July 17 2018

Elevate the Norm

Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes, when I drop an ice cube on the floor while standing in front of the freezer, I kick it under the refrigerator like a miscreant 12 year-old. But every-dang-time, I pause, realize how ridiculous the whole thing is—I mean, effectively, I’m ruining my own floors—and succumb to bending down, fishing the discarded cube from beneath the dregs of the Frigid-Aire, and discard said cube where it belongs.

It’s easy to ignore the piece of litter on the sidewalk. Ever wished the elevator door closes before 4 other hot and sweaty people crowed on board? Guilty as charged. Expressed a wee too much agitation toward the clerk working the desk at the post office because, like everyone else in line, you waited half an hour to pay for a single, scrawny piece of certified mail? Been there!

Sometimes, we just have to decide to be better humans. Once you decide being your ‘best self’ is merely a choice, suddenly, allowing the person behind you with only one item go first at the grocery checkout—when clearly you're shopping for the zombie apocalypse—feels the norm, not the exception.

It’s time to elevate the norm, don’t you think?

With Love Over H8,


Cheryl Najafi


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